General home quality was good however communication during and after the build is completely lacking. Over a year and we have yet to have half of our deficiency list adressed. Communication throughout build process was non-existant with non of the changes made during the sales process being completed. Selection of finishing materials is completed by running all over Calgary with no centralized process. We were 3 weeks late getting into the house which would have been fine except we were not informed of our new possesion date until the week of our move in date and this was only discovored when we checked on the house (which we were told not to do) and then confronted our sales rep that the house had yet to be painted inside and baseboards were not on yet.. We were discouraged from checking on the house during construction and have been generally ignored following our posession date. HVAC system had issues in the middle of January and it took them almost three weeks to send someone out. Previous postiive reviews must have been a completely different company than the one I dealt with. Save youerself the headaches and build with a builder that actually engages their customers. Or be ready to send countless emails and make endless phone calls to try and get the minimum of customer service so that you can enjoy your home.

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