In May of 2014, we signed an agreement with Steve, the owner of Best Roofing, to do the roof, vinyl siding and eavestrough on our home. The total contract was for $11, 000 and he asked for a $4,400 cash deposit UPFRONT, which we paid. The job was never begun despite the agreement specifying a June 9 start date. After repoeated delays and various excuses (including inability of materials, blaming us, etc) we asked for our deposit back, to which he agreed. Before paying back our deposit, all of sudden he told us that he declared bankrupcy. After we told hime we wanted to contact the police and use other tools to have his bankruptcy investigated, he offered to pay us back $500 on a weekly schedule until our deposit was repaid in full. He has repaid $3,500 so far, leaving $900 still in debt. He has now desappearing and we have no way of contacting him. We've contacted the bankcuptcy trustee he told us would be handling his bankrupty case, and also the office of the superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada, and they both say they have no records of his bankruptcy. So we believe that his business has never decleared bankruptcy. Worst experience ever!

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Company Response

Hello Anna,
We understand you are not happy with the whole experience with best roofing , but you haven't been truthful in your review and have been quite miss leading . We are reputable people to deal with, and your damaging comments are quite liable. But as we have expressed in the past, you have played a part in this breach of the original agreement, and recommend you, like us follow a more civil approach to this disagreement.
Best Roofing


One thing I like Firon is because they did their job on time as they promised on the contract. In terms of the price, you can compare and find their price is still competitive. Their quote was the most detailed ones I have even seen and you can receive the quote right away on spot instead of waiting for several days or even longer. Hiring a roofing company like that gives me no stress and a peace of mind. I am very happy with the results and will recommend this company to my friends.

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