WORST customer service. The fence is coming apart, the Gate Lock was not properly installed and broke off and most importantly a ditch 1 meter deep was left behind unattended. Actually worst part, 20 calls and messages have not been returned by the owner Tyler...

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This statement is 100% not true. none of the fence anywhere was coming apart i came by twice and had both neighbors on both sides agree with me the fence was fine and nothing was coming off or had broken. You were still upset with me over the fact you didn't have the money for the fence but all your neighbors wanted it done and you eventually had no choice but to do it so i believe this review is just out of spite however As for the gate lock it was installed correctly as you did inspect everything before you finally paid it opened and closed with no issue, you did not want the upgraded handle for more money and you chose to go with the basic one and it eventually broke off due to your negligence by slamming the door shut after i told you it would happen they were fragile. also having your 100 pound dog jumping against it repeatedly trying to escape didn't help the cause and was witnessed by my self and employees while working on the neighbors deck right next door several weeks after the door was installed and it was still working. The ditch you speak of was a hole dug by the request from you ( when we started the neighbors deck) and your husband several times for a extra post to build a illegal dog house at the side of the house which later was stopped by the city from complaining neighbors. The hole remained open because your husband asked to have it left open until the issue was resolved therefor leaving it open due to your request not mine. As for the calls You had called me 15 times from a private number in one day not over a span of a week like you had claimed but was all in one day like i showed you from my phone and only leaving one message and this was a couple weeks after the deck was finished at your neighbors, however the Tuesday you had called was the day after i had left for vacation so no i did not call you back right away but when i returned a week later yes i returned your call and came by your house too see the handle broken and i explained to your husband it wasn't covered and you would need to replace it yourself because of how it broke that you could clearly see how and why it broke. You did not agree therefor trying to make false statements like this and also to mention the other gate was still working fine because it doesn't get used as much like your husband had told me.
I still apologized for not responding to your calls however i was away and dealt with the matter when i came back,


Ed Schaefer, Operations Manager and team were very helpful and provided superior customer experience. Provided timely service and resolved the issues swiftly. provided Definitely recommend Reliance Comfort to my friends. Thank you for all your help and support.

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Thanks for choosing Reliance Home Comfort! We appreciate your business!-Cait