Sears Canada Service and Repairs has the WORST customer service ever! I had a very bad customer service experience with your Repairs and Service division on more than one occassion. I bought an electrolux fridge in September 2010 from Sears Canada and the fridge continues to break down! I have had at least 10 incidents to date - and every time I have lost all the food in my fridge! It takes at least 7 business days for a service technican from Sears to come out - and the customer service experience is absolutely terrible!! Everytime this fridge breaks down - we have to throw all the food out and then wait almost a week to have a service repair man come out. I strongly discourage anyone from purchasing Electrolux from Sears or any home appliance from Sears for this very reason! It ends up being a VERY costly venture for you. DO NOT buy any appliances from SEARS CANADA or invest in extended warranty because you do not end up getting your money's worth. Just buy your appliances directly from the manufacturer.

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