Templar did a good job under difficult circumstances. I do not have a driveway or parking but they were able to make it work all the way from the street.

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Getting around obstacles like non existent driveways is something one has to be able to work with in downtown Toronto
where parking and driveway issues are a constant issue.
Nice working with you.
Robert Timm


I hired North Shore to complete installation of Soffit, Facia, Eavestroughs and gutter guards on the dormer of my new home. When installing, they observed and corrected certain deficiencies left by a previous contractor on another part of the roof. I could not see these deficiencies from the ground, but they saw them when they climbed up on the roof, brought them to my attention and made the necessary corrections. It was a small thing, that they could easily have ignored and I would have been none the wiser, but they took the time to do the job right, which speaks volumes about their professionalism.

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Thank you, Ray. We are happy to do a small repair now that will prevent grief for you later. Our installers do have a unique vantage point that many don't get to see of their own homes. Your home looks great with all the recent work done. - Laura