We have lived in our home for 17 years without any problem with a wet basement. It had been saturated with water when we moved in but I dug up and repaired the drain along one side and the rear of the house myself. I assumed the other side and front had been repaired by the previous owner as the white clean out drains were in place. Well we noticed wet spots on that side this spring and fearing we were now in for a total dig up and replacement of drains we called Westside Drainage.Carlo was at our place promptly and scoped the system with me showing me all the problems which were along the side and front that I thought had been replaced; no they had not. He assured me he could repair three sections that were plugged, stated that existing tile did not need to be replaced and all other sections were clean. He then returned and dug at 3 spots and sure enough found plugged tiles. He was glad to have me watch the work proceed and include me in his observations. The worksite was kept neat and clean and he did not disturb plantings along the wall. Work done in 3 days and you would never notice that it had been disturbed. He also gave me good advice should we decide to put a bathroom in the basement. I would highly recommend this gentleman for any plumbing, drainage work. It was actually a wonderful experience as it was a pleasure dealing with an honest, forthright contractor. In my opinion he was the best I have ever dealt with. Can't say enough positives about him and the work and besides, he saved me a "ton" of money.

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