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Last year I bought approximately 200.00 worth of roses. Five of them died immediately. I emailed Hortico and was assured I would receive five free this year. I placed my order for the the five free with two extra. I was told that they do not have any roses this year and would send me me my five free next year! I asked again as I just could not believe they have no roses and low and behold they had some. I told them I would except one and half grade. They shipped me the seven, all dead looking and one full grade. I did NOT receive the five free. I complained that the roses are dead and their response was that they cannot replace them twice!!!! I have been dealing with this company for years and it is only in the last two years have I received dead roses. However, I wish I had of googled them, as it turns out I am one of many who they have ripped off.

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