At the beginning there was some confusion in getting a time & date booked. But once that problem was sorted out the actual work went smoothly. There was one little problem that I was very surprised, hadn't been addressed prior to our project. After the work was completed, I was left with an invoice. An invoice that didn't have an address to where the payment was to be sent. I had to chase the worker down the driveway to find out where the cheque was to be mailed, very strange!

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Company Response

Thank you John. We are happy you are pleased with the end result. It appears that the bottom portion of the invoice was left as opposed to the entire form. We are glad everything worked out!


Poor / no comunication after you make the poor decision of using this outfit. Boxes were damaged, some (10) boxes were gone, outright missing. not delivered.How does this happen, you're supposed to be a moving company? Can't seem to speak to anyone at Laporte about this issue. They are all experts at doing the phone tap dance, until you get fed-up and quit. Jessie Laporte is always AWOL

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