The gentleman was very helpful and gave many useful tips in maintaining the washroom in good condition and the upkeep of it. I found he was upfront and honest about the cost and the work. He even went to Home Depot to help me pick out the things needed for the washroom.

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They were great and did an awesome job in my basement. They were very efficient! I also appreciated the fact that JD was very easy to get a hold of and he would return calls as soon as he possible. He kept me up to date on things!

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Paul Davis Systems was a horrible company the construction manager 'John' is rude and tries to cover his contractors bad work by claiming "it was already like that" or "do you look at everything that carefully". The company claimed to get out house reconstructed in a month....they contractors did a rushed job and ended up having to come back again and is now June and the work is still unfinished! I am seriously sick and tired of these guys and just want them out of my house!

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