I asked them to come out and fix my lawn last year, other then them never telling me when they were coming I couldn’t complain much. Early this year I received a letter telling me what they will be charging for my lawn care in 2014 (was WAY more than the year before). I called them in Feb 2014 and said I wanted the estimate re-evaluated and nothing to be done until I call them. Well life happened and I was away from March to the start of June. They did not honour my request for nothing to be done, they sent me a letter and then they sent out someone to “do” the lawn. I would have wanted to be there to direct them as to what them to do and more important agree to the cost of services via phone. The company didn’t do this. BEWARE the company will auto sign you for stuff and it’s OK because they sent you a letter. All very legal DON'T get caught like I did!

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