This is the worst outcome of any Homestars contractor that I have ever used. I explained in detail the problem.we had with tree root partially blocking clay pipe outflow in older home the toilet in.basement and drain nearby was backing up not flushing , online quote requested. The lead generator appointment setter called back ASAP to lock me in Friday eve 7 pm I agreed to have plumber( and I requested a master plumber because the situation is more complex than inatalling faucets toilets etc. She assured me that master plumber would be coming out for 89.00 trip fee to durvey and give final estimate and trop fee would be waived I agreed, Two young guys came out and I had to explain the whole thing again, They were polite, That gives the company a 1 rating ot I would give it 0. I wanted my toilet in basement at least to be flushing and for them to clear the drain to exterior so that at least water woild not back.up to.basement drain Snaking the drain line with motorized uniy under basement floor was theit plan of action I asked them why they didnt have a camers scope with them as I had this successfully done with another company 6 years ago at half the price these guys quoted me Lump sum quotes are not what I have had in past Its usually hours and parts and hst anf written estimate Dont know how they can determine that up front without knowing what they are dealing with. I was promised that they could get my toilet flushing after they snaked the drain ? Without camera scoping , they went in blind and were dealing with old style plumbing 1929 home that they didnt seem very familiar with. One thought my basement drain by laundry was sunken, hmmm thats the slope so water goes down the drain I was promised that for the quote they gave me the toilet would be cleared and operational . This was not the result , they hit the P trap out in the lawn clay pipe unexpectedly and stopped work suddenly I believe, as it jammed the snaking machine Didnt even know that Ptrap it existed ouy there in this type of underground plumbing drainage system I should have been told that they will try and clear the drain enough for the toilet to work but we can't promise that it will A charge for snaking only was way out of linr at 589.00 They were here 1 hour at most and that included me re explaining the clay pipe issue and back flow issue to.bas3ment This quoting is all done on a tablet and I was not given copy of estimate as I usually get and I have done 12k of plumbing work in the home This team was not qualified for this work despite the fact that they were polite. An underground drain specialist should have been sent out right away based on my job request quote online My 589.00 went down the toilet so to speak and the owner of the company did not nbotger to phonr or try to sort this out at all after I sent messages that I was extremely dissatisfied that I paid so much and tje job was not completed as promised . I said the money I paid was wastedd and could have been put towards an exterior drain specialist. This companies mo seems to be to senfout whoever to give an inflated bid lock you into that payment and not fix thr problem or syand by that promise that was made I requested a partial refund as 589.00 was way out of line for snaking without camera scoping, and a toilet that does not flush as promised anf a puddle still remains around my basement drain I was given a card by one if the young men with the owners name only, Company name and phone but no contractors license number , These guys were working under his Master plumber designation it seems, one licensed, one not I asked for a Master plumber to come out here and they did not seem experienced in this type of work. Im not sure that lump sum estimating like this is okay eith consumer laws and no written estimate left at site I think.contracts need plumbers license number on them without breaking down parts and labor, a receopt mailed after the fact with service call and no description of work was not acceptable to me. Tge office did not send me a more detailed breakdown of the work either A one hour job with two guys one plumber snd his assistant should not be this high I am not happy with this work would not recommend this company Money down the toilet. The lead generator office gal is the only person who left me a message and she did not sound concerned or apologetic at all, actually her voice sounded annoyed . The owner should have called me, The Master plumber that I requested insisted they send at the onset. They were just anxious to book the lead, send whoever out and lock me into an inflated price wothout leaving me a written estimate with a promise that did not happen My toilet does not flush, the drain backs up water from laundry machine and Money went down the Toilet Worst experience with Homestars ever ! They sent another drain company out after taking my money who quoted me 3 k . He basically said that what the other two did was not recommended and their snaking hit P trap He used a long underground drain plunger and pull out a cloth and debris Didnt charge but this didnt help either I could have put the 589.00 towards the job of replacing pipe section underground , that is actually what is necessary theese guys should have had a camera scope and charged me half as much a master plumber would charge 300.00 to 350.00 and written estimate no promises This should be reported to BB Bureau.

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