We bought a house and needed to replace some windows. We had a salesman come and give us a quote. Centennial quoted well above the others, but the warranty and service promises lured us. We don't want to have to replace them again for a very long time. The installers installed warped parts on two large windows, split the wood frame on one, installed yet another so out of alignment it won't close and on still another window damaged the wall. The installer attempted to hide the wall damage by using finishing nails to piece the drywall chunk back in place. They have promised to look after it immediately!! Waited for an inspector to come and decide it all needed fixed. Waited for an appt for repairs, they called at 5pm to say they weren't coming and another appt would be made. The next appt was yet another inspection with yet another promise to repair. The next appt they just didn't show up. They said in one call that they had previously tried calling multiple times. That's simply untrue - I have a new fangled phone that records ALL calls and yet it missed all their calls, no other calls just theirs. They made a mess of 4 out of 7 windows, that's not very favourable odds. I do NOT recommend Centennial Windows and Doors. They are a high priced disappointment and headache. I recommend trying a different company that doesn't charge as much and backs up their promises.

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