Sam is no handyman. I hired him to clean my eaves/downspouts and install eaves covers. First rain fall, I had a HUGE leak which I later found out that Sam had forgotten to clean my downspouts. I called him and he couldn't come out to fix his mess for several weeks. This resulted in weeks of maintaining the eaves so I don't have a flood in my basement. I eventually hired someone else to clean my downspouts as I couldn't wait any longer for Sam. This new guy had told me that there were spaces between the eaves covers. I called Sam on it and he eventually came out to re-install pieces that were missing. This is something that I shouldn't have to do if it was done properly in the first place. What is the purpose of putting eaves covers if there is going to be gaps! One year later, I had a roofer come out to do some repair work, only to find out yet again that there were STILL gaps between the covers. I could not believe it, yet again someone who got on my roof had told me the same story. I then called Sam back to tell him about my findings, and he said he would not come back to do any more work. Beware, this guy does a half fast job and does NOT guarantee his work.

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I hired Clarke Basement to waterproof the interior of my home. David Bunn (sales) had reviewed in detail what was needed and was very thorough. He said that they guys would probably have to cut the drywall to be able to have access to the cold cellar but would have to wait to see. Prior to the scheduled date, I had requested if it all possible if they would be able to do the job in 1 day instead of the 2 days scheduled, but had to wait to find out. On the scheduled day, Keith and the other 2 hard workers showed up as promised. They had put down drop clothes down the stairs and was very organized, right from the start. It was a REALLY HOT day and I felt really bad for the guys : ( They were really good troupers about it. The guys stopped midway through to show me the progress. To my surprise they didn't have to cut the drywall!! They had saved me the expense of having to get the drywall repaired! Several hours later, they had come up to tell me that they would be able to finish that day and would have to work late. I was really happy to hear that as I couldn't take the next day as a vacation day from work. Overall I was really happy right from the initial appointment for the quote, till the end result. I would recommend Clarke Basement for waterproofing! GREAT JOB!

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We had A1 Plus Quality install a LG ductless air condition system. First they had told us that they were going to install the unit in the back of the home. By the time I got out to check to see what they were doing, they were installing the main unit in front of the home, talk about eye sore. By that time it was too late. They originally ran the 4 large pipes side by side and it was the most ugliest thing ever. I then asked the Manager to come by in person as I wanted to have them remove it all and install it in the back as he originally stated. When the manager arrived, I point blank asked him what he thought of his workers work, and he said "It look like crap", and then I said "Would you want this done to your house?" He said "no". I told him to remove everything and move it to the back. He had told me he could do it for an extra cost of $200. I told him to go ahead and do it. Then he proceeded to tell me it would be a lot of work and that he would install covers to hide the pipes. At this point I had given him $4000 cash and had held back $400. I told him that I wouldn't give him the remainder of the money owing ($400) and he agreed. He had written this down and signed it to our agreement. He had told me he would come back with the covers the following week. The manager NEVER showed up, and had the nerve to take the remainder $400 off of my Master Card without authorization!!! I had to fight to get my money back, and eventually did. I would not recommend this company.

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