This company can't even manage basic cleaning! Three people came and were instructed to clean 3 areas after some construction - basement bathroom, laundry room and main floor kitchen. I told them I would only pay for 4 hours total - I think that's when they decided to do a half-assed job. Didn't even wipe the dust off the garbage can lids, open shelves or the front of the washer and dryer. Then when I sent them pictures of the crappy job, they defended their terrible job by saying they couldn't do it in the time allowed. What does it take to wipe a garbage can!? And then they charged me for the full 4 hours, even though my door camera shows they worked for 3 hours and 6 minutes each. Such a terrible company - stay far away!

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When I woke up the first thing I noticed was an electrical burning smell, then I felt that there wasn't any air coming through the vents, even though we have the blower running constantly. I looked on Homesteads and found Distinct Heating had a perfect rating, so I called Nate. He came over a few hours later & diagnosed the problem, as well as other problems that were causing damage. He had to go and get the part, but came back in the afternoon & we had heat again! Nate was great about letting me know the cost upfront as well as providing me with information about replacing our 18 year old furnace - a job that can't be done until the summer. I would highly recommend Distinct!

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Company Response

Hello Kathy,
We understand the feeling of waking up, finding out your home's heating system is not working and it's cold outside! It can cause some anxiety. That's where we come in! Our goal is to get your heating system back on track - efficiently, safely and fastest & quickly! Sometimes we need to deliver some not-so-good news. In your case, however, you have some time to prepare for your replacement! Have a warm winter! Lori