Ajax Fence provides awful service and quality of work. They came and install 2 fences, in April, a chain-linked fence at the back of our property and a wood fence (from material that we already owned) at the top of our driveway…the ground was still frozen. The Chain-link Fence: CL 1 - Has about 1-2 feet of lean on it, when you put any weight on the top bar. CL 2 - The mesh was not pulled tight and is flimsy, and has a flexibility of about 2-3 feet CL 3 - The height of the fence posts on either side of the gate were off by about 3-5 inches CL 4 - The height of the fence varies for the entire length of the fence, resulting in large gaps under the fence (Large enough that our dog can still get out of the yard…the purpose for our fence in the first place) CL 5 - Concrete was not used for the posts The Wood Fence: W 1 - Nails sticking out all over the place W 2 - Concrete was used, however tubes for the concrete were not, resulting in lifting of the concrete which lifted and cracked the asphalt on our driveway. We called Ajax Fence to come and take a look and fix the concerns I had. Over the phone, I was sworn at and I was told that “I was wrong”. Upon his reluctant arrival, the owner of the company told me that: Responses: CL 1 - Ajax Fence “Of course the chain-link fence will move when you push on it. Stop pushing on it. The more you push/lean on it, the more it will move.” CL 2 - Ajax Fence “Again, don’t lean on it, you will stretch it will get worse” CL 3 and 4 - Ajax Fence “Because your ground is not level. Do you want the top of your fence to be straight or not?” - Me “But it’s not straight! Can you fix it please? It shouldn’t matter that the ground is not level, the fence should come to the ground” CL 5 - Ajax Fence “Yes there was” - Me “I can clearly see that there isn’t any concrete” W 1 - Ajax Fence “That’s because you used the pre-built fence that I had to modify to make work” - Me “…ok? So why didn’t you fix that when you installed the fence?” - Ajax Fence…No reply W 2 - Ajax Fence “The concrete from the posts did not lift the asphalt from your driveway, however, it is your driveway settling from the frost and winter”. - Me “Our driveway is well over 20 years old…it has long since settled. This is a result of not using tubes for the concrete which allowed the concrete to expand and shift upwards, because it rained the day you installed the fence. Or you did not dig to below the frost line” - Ajax Fence “No, it’s your driveway. There’s nothing wrong with the installation. But I can come back with a saw and cut it out” The owner had committed to coming back to address our issues and concerns, unfortunately, we have yet to see him. Our neighbours notified us, that someone was at our house to hammer in the chain-link fence gate posts, to make them an even height for us. And to date, that is all that has happened. They have not addressed ANY other issue. We complained within a couple months of the installation of the fences, which is almost a year ago now. Since then, our problems have just gotten worse. Wood boards are now falling off. The Wood Gate won’t close because of the concrete shifting. Because the concrete/asphalt lifting, it has changed the water flow in our driveway and creates a puddle at the corner of our foundation, resulting in our basement now leaks. We need to use wood slats at the bottom of the chain-link fence to stop our dog from getting out of the yard. We are VERY UNHAPPY! I would NOT recommend this company to anyone! Their quality of work is atrocious, customer service is non-existent and attitude is disgusting! SAVE YOUR MONEY and use a different company.

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They were on time for the quote and on the day the job was completed. I had my driveway sealed, all the cracks filled and a pot hole filled. They made my driveway look new again, I am very pleased with their quality of work, the owner Matt was very nice, and even filled some cracks we had not discussed. They went above and beyond my expectations. My husband and I are very happy, and would recommend all surface sealing to all our friends and family.

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