We hired Clear Draftung to design our home plans for our new home. After months of waiting and lack of communication between the company and the engineer he hited, we finally had plans. Little did we know, that would be the start of a very frustrating and expensive endeavour. The plans were done in such a way that the walls did not even sit on the concrete foundation. The front wall was to be perched with only one inch actually on the foundation. Trusses has to be stopped and the entire plan had to be reworked. We have ended up with excess concrete sticking out all around the house in order to make anything work . When we contacted the owner , we were left a nasty message asking us not to call him but to send an email instead. We asked for measurements where they were missing in the plans and still three weeks later , absolutely no response. I would highly recommend NOT hiring this company. The worst and very expensive mistake we could have made.

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