We hired Greg to complete a few small projects in our house - kitchen backsplash and bathroom tile work. We were beyond pleased with his professionalism, quality of work (attention to detail) and price. Greg delivered on all aspects of the job and we would highly recommend him to others. We can't wait to show off our new kitchen backsplash. I know people will be asking for his contact information. Thank you Greg. It is hard to find good quality contractors.

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I wish I had read the reviews before booking a service call but who would have thought! Guy came to service machine as it was not working. He said, 'yup, that would be $280 and I will come replace the motor' Husband signed. After looking further decided, he could not fix machine. My husband said well, then if you can't fix it, then I don't owe the $280 bucks". He replied with, well, you signed so you owe it or it goes to collections. Husband wasn't too happy about that. Guy looked further at machine and changed his mind again and said he could fix it. If you read the contract carefully, you now have to pay for the part and installation fee even though there is no labour. A good service company would not charge you $300 to look at your machine (and so call CLAIM to have serviced it). You will then have to pay for the part AND installation fee which ranges from 80-150. But they will never tell you any prices bc they want to order the part first and then if you don't want it, you have to pay a fee to return it. A good servicer will come out for FREE, assess, then if part is needed charge you for the part and labour. Save yourself $300 and DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE! You will not get your money back if you try. I also asked about their BBB complaints which they said is pretty good considering they service 80 people a day. Guess what? A GOOD company will have zero complaints bc they don't mislead their customers and they work with their customers to resolve the issues. This is unacceptable. A REPAIR SHOULDN'T COST MORE THAN YOUR MACHINE! I wish someone could put this company out of business but their business model seems to keep making them lots of money. Shame on them!! Also the repair guy threatened that once we signed, it would go to collections if we did not pay. My guess is they train their reps to do or say whatever they can to get the customer to sign. Once they do, they threaten if they do not pay. I have never heard of a GOOD company threaten a customer on a first visit with collections. I have heard of GOOD company working with a customers and if not resolved as a very last resort going to collections. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERIVCE. I am so glad I can rate a ZERO and am not forced to rate a one. BEWARE FOLKS! Don't become another victim!!!! Regardless if the company says "You should have read the contract" I still feel very misled. So I am warning you, if you sign, make sure you read it!

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