The interior design team is great, no complaints there. The delivery personnel are great, no complaints there. Complaint is customer service following my cash going into Lane's pockets! Once you order and give them your money, then it seems you are no longer very important to them. It is 6 months since we placed original order and we have still not received all of our order correctly. Some issues we had: - new chair delivered, w/o legs to set it up. Legs didn't appear until many weeks later. At which time it was noticed that chair was coming apart at seams (and we never sat in it as it had no legs). - large mirror was showing as being in stock, and they just had to find it in warehouse. After 4 months of them looking and insisting it showed as in stock I got a refund as I figured if they couldn't find it in 4 months it was never going to be found. - not all throw pillows delivered with original delivery. When remaining one was received, it was the incorrect item. Now although these issues do not seem that significant, what was significant was the terrible customer service. Several times they stated they would followed up and get back to me, they did not. I had to keep contacting them. I went to the store and told them that I was very displeased with the service I had received, and asked them to let me know what they were prepared to do to make this customer happy. They didn't even suggest anything, they asked me what would make me, they couldn't even put any effort into trying to propose something. The lady I spoke with even stated that they would have to look at how much a discount they already gave me to see if there was anything they could do....really??? So even though they acknowledge I received poor service, they could only make it right if they maintained a profit margin. I have still not had a response to this request, and am tired of dealing with them, and do not expect a response. That pretty much sums up how focused they are on the service side....not a priority to them. And 6 months later my order is still not 100% fulfilled. But they had 100% of my money when they placed the order!! You take your chances dealing with this company......good luck!

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