We bought our new home less than a year and a half ago. We were shocked to see problems with cold spots in some rooms and ice damns during our first winter in our new home. We confronted the builders about the problem and were told that there is no issue and that everything was up to par. When we noticed the same issues appearing again this winter we knew we had to call someone to fix the problem. After asking some of our local friends who are in the construction trades we were recommended to Georgian Insulation Systems. We made an appointment and quickly receiving a free inspection and quote from Georgian Insulation. The inspection was thorough and even involved use of a thermal imaging camera. It became apparent that there were some major problems in our attic. Not only was there almost 8 inches of insulation missing, the builders had also failed to put in enough soffit ventilation, ignored insulating all of our cathedral ceiling, and missed several spots of our attic with the initial blown fiberglass. We opted for 10-inch top up of blown cellulose insulation and to have additional vents installed. The work crew showed up on time and completed what was outlined on our quote in a timely manner. In the fallowing weeks after getting our attic toped up we have noticed that our furnace is running much less then it used to, there is no condensation in our windows any more, all the cold spots in our rooms have disappeared and there is no ice on our room now (we cleaned it off before getting the work done). I couldn't be happier with the results. I would highly recommend Georgian Insulation Systems.

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Company Response

Hello Gary

Thanks for the review. I am pleased to know that you are happy with the results. It is unfortunate, but many of the new homes we see, do not meet minimum code requirements..

Thanks again