Hands down the worst consumer experience of my life. Neither did they complete the Service, nor were they Professional. I had them do an onsite quote despite them wanting to quote me over the phone for a difficult interior cleaning job prior to me re-painting. I was quoted a price based on number of rooms and surfaces to be cleaned and they took a credit card number to secure the appointment, ensuring me they would not put any charges on the card and agreeing to accept payment by cheque after work was completed. The day of the job, they did not bring appropriate cleaning supplies (according to a friend who was onsite), and did not complete the job - approximately half only - and left without notice. When I disputed the work done, they said they had 'grossly underestimated' the job and would still charge me the full amount despite admitting to not completing the task as agreed, as they would now charge me by the hour (never previously mentioned). I had to call them several times explaining my displeasure and that I wanted to create a win-win situation, and despite telling me they would negotiate another discounted price (when my supervisor returns to town next week as I am not authorized) they did not make any further attempts to contact me and ran the entire amount through on the credit card they agreed not to charge - I even reinforced this in writing, which they admit to receiving. I feel completely disrespected and ignored. I have been successfully in business for myself for well over ten years now, and realize that 'the customer is always right' and if I make a mistake in quoting for example, then it is my problem, not the customers, and I absorb the cost and/or the extra time, simply to create a good experience for my customer and hopefully return business and referrals. Servepro acts as a corporation and not an individual, shirking individual responsibility and pointing blame at the consumer in favour of their own profit. Clearly they are in the service industry, however have zero understanding of how to provide a service and create a favourable experience. If this was a restaurant, not only would their servers not get tipped, but they would be out of business within the year. If they actually wanted to provide a service and create a good experience, they would have made an attempt to contact me and negotiate a win-win cost. I am still open to this possibility, however choose not to waste my time on the phone, but use it here to help protect future potential customers.

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