Replaced 4 windows in 4 doors that had blown gaskets. Very nice in pricing and timely quoting. After installing, a few things went awry: 1) I rec'd an email about not paying in CASH claiming "this is unacceptable" while they were at my house with my wife. Hadn't even been 5 minutes. If they hadn't been so rude, I would have gotten the cash, but I sent them a money transfer to be done with it. They complained that it had to go into their business account and lack of knowledge with computers (not my issue). SECONDLY: They left a mess behind. Didn't vacuum up the mess from taking out the old windows so my poor wife had to clean it up (while studying for an exam). All in all, I think the pricing is fair, the workmanship was fine, but the personalities in the company and rudeness would have me not refer them to anyone I know. Would rather pay a little more to deal with more professional workers.

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Company Response

Thank you for your review. However, you and your wife were well aware of the install date. Anybody and everybody knows, or should know that once someone's completed a job for pay. So yes, is is unacceptable. Especially after you've asked persistently for a CASH DEAL and no deposit was given. In regards to cleaning up, we do as best to our ability.

Thank You & Have a great day.