My story is consistent with the rest of the bad reviews here, trucked my ex into signing the contract said it’s for 1 year and when we moved they told me I can transfer it with me for end of the year and then it’s done. When I contacted at the time of expiration they told me it’s too late it’s automatically renewed for a year, and all my attempts to cancel/contact them were ignored. Lior, the guy who originally sold it to us (claiming it was an annual contract) disappeared and David the other guy who contacted me later were not responding to the numbers they gave me originally. then after 2 years I got fed up and told my bank to block their payments they called with threats telling me I’m Apperantly under 60 months contact and can cancel if I pay the rest of the amount upfront threatening that I will regret if I don’t. Now they have sent the case to the collection agency just because I refused to give into their bs and refused to be bullied by them. BEWARE and STAY AWAY from them!!!!

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I'm one of those people who often reads the reviews, but almost never writes one herself. This time I decided to write one immediately after I walked out from the inspection because I was SO impressed with the service Rick provided and the quality of the report that came in less than 24 hours. We are first time home buyers, and we are not very knowledgeable in terms of things to pay attention to and watch out for during the inspection. Rick did a wonderful job in explaining all the little details, his inspection (and the subsequent report) were very detailed, it took 3.5 hours for a 1300 sq ft detached home (compared to 2hrs on average), he climbed and walked on the roof, made a thorough review of electrical and plumbing identifying problems that needed immediate attention and so much more. Most importantly, we were able to a) understand what all the issues are and b) use the report to negotiate with sellers fixing of all the problems. I chose Strand Home Inspections based on the wonderful reviews I read, and decided to contribute with one so people choose the best quality service for such an important decision as home-buying.

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Company Response

Thank-you for the review Narmina. It was great that you made the effort to attend the inspection and I'm happy to hear that the written report was easy to understand. I devote an entire day to each house so that I am not rushed during the physical inspection, or when writing the report. I am glad that I was able to live up to your expectations and hope that you will enjoy your new home!