When our water tank ruptured, we called and the service repairman came to inspect the tank. Ash, was awesome, but had to break that bad news: the water tank was done. He recommended we call head office to find out what our options are on a new tank. We have 2 years left on the contract, and normally the service provider would simply install a new tank. But not National Home Services. They are now saying that the new terms and conditions (that we've never received) state that the contract is for the lifetime of the tank. Technically, that means we no longer have a contract. But that's not how National sees things. They feel we MUST lock into another lifetime contract to complete our previous contract with 2 years remaining. The other option is to buy out the contract and buy my own water tank. They're simply enforcing whatever contract is most financially beneficial to them, with no regard for the customer. The Ontario Ministry of Consumer Services doesn't agree with them or their contract enforcement. The lesson here: Buy your water tank. Don't subject yourselves to such predatory contracts. If in doubt, check with the ministry about a service before committing to any contract.

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