Modern Sensibility Review: We purchased the Valencia Sofa Bed and Perry Side Table in July 2013. Delivery was delayed as both items were back ordered approximately 3 months for the sofa and 6 months for the table. The table was delayed longer due to being broken before delivery. We had the sofa about 4 months and noticed the tufted part of the fabric was falling apart. It was barely used by me and my wife. I called Modern Sensibility support and the lady told me that there was a common problem with the fabric failing and that she would like to send a new couch and chaise. I was happy to hear this. A week later (February 2014) we got the new sofa and chaise. The bottom of the chaise had a large rip in the fabric. I called Modern Sensibility an hour later after delivery and spoke with support again. Modern Sensibility said a tear in the bottom of the sofa is not visible and is acceptable to them. They said the tear is not a warranty issue. They said they spoke with the delivery service and they claim that there was no damage when they delivered it thus implying I did it. Why I would rip my own sofa is beyond me. They initially told me that they would send a technician to fix the problem but changed their mind. Modern Sensibility instead offered me some fabric (I had to go down to pick it up) so I could fix the problem myself. Really? I thought about it and responded on principle saying no thank you and that I would instead write this honest review to tell it like it is for others to decide on whether to buy or not. Love the design and look of the Valencia sofa but honestly quite shocked at Modern Sensibility. They tried to do the right thing by sending a new sofa. I appreciate that. Sending a ripped replacement sofa and not fixing it properly is not acceptable. They lack quality control, offer poor service and excessively long wait times.

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Company Response

In July 2013 Tom purchased the Valencia sofa and chaise set along with other products from Modern Sensibility. At the time of his purchase, Tom was aware and agreed that he was purchasing items which were not in stock and therefore his purchase would arrive at different stages.

When his side table arrived the glass was shattered and upon notification we promptly ordered another one which then arrived on our next shipment. We apologized for the inconvenience and explained to Tom that we would ship the table to his home free of cost. We initially scheduled an agreeable delivery date and time however Tom’s delivery date changed several times over the course of two months. On occasion he even cancelled last minute or the day of scheduled delivery. Nevertheless we maintained our service standard and worked around Tom’s schedule to fully resolve the shattered table issue.

Upon being informed of the Valencia fabric defect, we once again apologized for the manufacturers defect and promptly without hesitation scheduled Tom a delivery of a brand new Valencia set on our next available delivery date. Tom’s new Valencia sofa was delivered Saturday, February 22nd and to confirm his delivery, Tom signed a delivery waiver sheet stating "Please inspect your order immediately upon arrival. Do not dispose of the box or any packaging material until you have inspected your order and are satisfied with the delivery you have received".

Within hours of Tom’s Valencia delivery we received a call from Tom explaining that he had a slight tear on the felt cover underneath his sofa. Tom acknowledged that the tear underneath the sofa was not a critical issue and that it did not change the aesthetics or functionality of the Valencia. Tom requested for his peace of mind that we provide a felt patch so that he could staple it over and cover the tear underneath. Once again our customer service team agreed to resolve the matter by making available a replacement patch for in store pickup at no addition charge.

Within minutes of Tom’s initial phone call, we received a second call demanding a replacement chaise for the Valencia. As per our standard customer complaint procedure, Tom was notified that there would first be an investigation and if the conclusions of the investigation determined that we were liable, we would then resolve the matter immediately, just as we had always done in the past.

Our investigation required Tom’s customer service representative to contact our delivery team by phone and ask them about the Valencia in question. We were told by our delivery team that Tom’s sofa was in perfect condition when it was unwrapped and set up at his house. Furthermore, we were reminded by our delivery team that Tom had signed a waiver sheet after receiving and inspecting his shipment.

When our customer service representative contacted Tom again that same day, Tom acknowledged that he had indeed signed the delivery waiver sheet but that unfortunately he had not read the bold letters on the sheet stating "Please inspect your order immediately upon arrival. Do not dispose of the box or any packaging material until you have inspected your order and are satisfied with the delivery you have received".

Nevertheless to ensure Tom’s experience with Modern Sensibility was acceptable, we without hesitation agreed to give Tom a replacement felt patch as he had originally requested. However, instead of thanking us for agreeing to his request and maintaining our excellent standard of customer care, we were threatened with a bad review.

As matter of policy, we always work with our customers to resolve unexpected issues for which we are responsible for. It is disappointing to read a review that is as misleading as the one written by Tom. We hope that anyone reading this review will carefully examine the entire customer experience and reach the conclusion that Modern Sensibility has gone above and beyond to provide outstanding service.