I will never buy any product or services from Aleen's again. This is what happened: I called Alleen's College Park for a full service custom blind experience. Sonia showed up to measure two windows and show me fabric and options for the Hunter Douglas honeycomb blinds. The fabric choices were easy to make and matched the decor perfectly. I have her a $1000 deposit on a 2395$ quote on Jan 10, 2014. Sonia informed that it would be 3-4 weeks, and shouldn't be delayed because this is not a busy season. The blinds arrived and a time was scheduled. I had to call Sonia to follow up to ensure the installer was still making the appointment half way through as I had not heard from him. He ended up being 3 hours late but I agreed to wait. He installed the non motorized blind successfully and went to install the motorized one, and it was not in working order. I called Sonia, who gave me the low down on their repair process, and when I questioned her about inspecting the product before it leaving their shop, she indicated to me that it was Hunter Douglas responsibility to ensure their product was quality inspected. But here I am paying Alleens to install a finished product. I am buying a service and product from them. The complete lack of business ownership shown by Sonia, Margareta and Melanie was overwhelming. The blind came back from repair and was installed - however the time and frustration that this experience has given me was beyond acceptable. No one who I spoke with from Alleens apologized for their mistakes. They apologized it happened, and blamed it on the manufacturer and the fact it was a custom product. I would assume that if you are selling custom luxury products - you are selling the experience that goes with it. If you buy from Alleens - you better hope that nothing goes wrong ... It's was a tremendously frustrating experience when the culture from the top down shows blatant disregard for the time of the customer - and only about their bottom line.

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