The floor drain in the basement backed up with sewage and I was left looking for alternatives as I was a recent first time home buyer and was completely caught off guard when this problem occurred. I called the most obvious choices for plumbing work but was left with overpriced quotes and still uninformed as to how I should progress. You see, those companies send out a plumber and since most of them work off commission they try and up-sell things that aren't even required. It felt dishonest and untrustworthy. That's why I'm so thankful to have met Hamed and his team at TOP CHOICE PLUMBING. He made it seem as if he had my best interest in mind, which he did, and gave me a solution I was extremely satisfied with. A subsidy program that Hamed mentioned allows you to install a backwater valve and the city will compensate you a certain percentage. He also showed me how my clay pipe was cracked on top, since they were going to be breaking cement, it would be wise to install a new pvc pipe, backwater valve and drain cleanout all at the same time. Hamed and his crew did such an incredible job, difficult as well, at such a great price, I am forever thankful of their work. I won't hesitate if any other plumbing is required!

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