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ATA Plumbing did the plumbing work on our shower. He came by with a helper that hadn't had a bath in weeks and stank up my house for hours after they left. Thomas has a condescending attitude and his price was higher than quoted. I had to call him back as the shower controls were installed crooked and too far back in the wall. He was agitated that I dare make him fix it but he complied albeit grudgingly. He made me feel like I was wrong for having him do this work. After calling him a third time to drop off the drain screen he promised the first visit and to look at why the shower was leaking (he left the valve open but I fixed it myself), he was extremely rude that I didn't call to let him know I had fixed it myself. He still didn't have the drain screen and said he'd drop it off one day at my doorstep. I doubt he'll even do that. This is the worst plumber I've ever used and certainly the rudest customer service I've ever experienced. Don't bother calling this company, you'll be extremely disappointed.

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