I had a remote starter installed in my car at this location. When I left the store, my car was running fine for about 10 minutes and then I noticed that my brakes were starting to drag. I pulled over and called the store for some troubleshooting advice and they just told me that they had not touched the braking system and that they couldn't help me. Upon further investigation, I found that they had left a cable tie hanging loose under the dash which caught the brake pedal and was causing it to stay slightly applied. I broke the cable tie and proceeded with no other problems. The issue I have with the store is that when a customer complains about something unordinary about their car after service, don't assume that it has nothing to do with the service that was provided because in my case, what they did actually indirectly caused my brakes to start dragging, and yes, it was their fault!

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The customer service staff was really helpful with assisting me in planning my daughter's bedroom set. It was simple to put together and she really enjoys her new furniture. I especially like how affordable everything is in the store.

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