I had got a security system from Eko Security and he had sold his business to A.P.I alarm. That is the only reason I am presently with API. I am in the process of moving and phoned API on Nov 18th to cancel my service. Raj in accounting told me I had to give 60 day notice ( watch what you sign with this co. ) Though she did say if the new owners signed on with them I would not have to give 60 days. I would not even give the new owners this company's phone #. So Nov 18th to Jan 18th is 60 days in my books, not in theirs. They do not prorate the month so I have to pay until the end of January. That is 60 days plus 13 days. ??? They must make lots of extras doing their accounting this way. Also as my billing has been paid 3 months in advance on my Visa , Raj told me she would cancel my upcoming Visa payment and invoice me to the end of Jan. Low and behold I check my Visa statement and API has taken another 3 months out. When I call Raj she tells me they have 2 systems and it only got cancelled in one, so the 3 months in advance slipped thru. Just a wonderful company to have to deal with at this stressful time of moving. Beware and stay away from API alarm.

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