So the other day we noticed some sewer smells coming from the basement. As a relatively new home owner and "Try It Yourselfer"/cheapskate, I decided to diagnose the problem myself without success. So Saturday morning we decided to call in the reinforcements. I came across this site and saw the positive reviews for Terry's service. I gave him a call around 11:30 am, told him what was going on and asked if he had time to come out. He said he would call me back in a few minutes...and he did...on his way to our house! How's that for prompt service (and a bit of good luck I guess). He inspected my main sewer line and found it to be plugged up with some tree roots. He got the line cleared and offered some good advice about some other things I might want to address in the future, but not in a "you gotta do this or you'll be sorry" pressure sales type of way. When it's all said and done the entire job was about half an hour give or take and we can get on with our day. Terry was friendly and professional. I would have no problem recommending him to friends, or calling him for my own plumbing needs in the future.

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