This small moving co.owned by Alexander, is the very best of all, during our last 5 moves over 50 years. They are truly professional, honest accurate estimates, punctuality, timeliness, and take well care of our many goods that include 100 year old antique piano. They showed, not only their know how expertise, but strong muscles coupled with nice kind heart. I will assure you that you will be as happy as my wife and me have just experienced with Alex and his crews. Our big downsizing move was very complex, from home staging W/H locker rooms, plus 5 B.R. main house, moving to 3 B.R. condo in 35th floor, and almost a ton antique piano to our daughter's condo. The 3 location complex moving, they have finished on time, flawlessly, not a single broken things. Furthermore, they did all large furnitures assembled on the spot after move. We are so much impressed with their good professional work by Alexander and 2 other crew members why we have happily offered 20% gratuity to show our sincere thanks.

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