I was B Tagged by Arrow for high CO emissions because the gaskets needed replacing. The only option they provided was to upgrade to a higher efficiency boiler. I never received a response to my requests for a quote to replace the gaskets or a rental option. I contacted other contractors through Homestar for a second option and canvas my options. Thanks to Homestar I found a contractor who repaired/replaced my gaskets and removed by B Tag for a fraction of the costs of replacing my boiler. I am disappointed that Arrow put my wife and I in a stressful situation without full disclosure and discussions of all our options.

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My 22 year old furnace was B Tagged by my contractor because the gaskets needed to be replaced. I contacted 4 contractors using Homestar to canvas options and costs. Everyone except JCJ Mechanical tried to upgrade me to a new higher efficiency furnace at a substantial increased costs whereas JCJ advised the furnace was working fine and only the gaskets needed replacing. JCJ came the next day after I booked the appointment to repair/replace the gaskets and have the B Tag removed. Both John (contact person) and Edward (technician) were honest, impartial, professional,efficient and at a reasonable cost. I would definitely use them if you are looking for an impartial second opinion or need a cost-effective solution to your furnace problems.

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Company Response

Thank you for the review Victor,

We are here any time you need service with your air conditioner or high efficiency furnace. We are always happy to help you we have a 24 hour emergency service as well. JCJ Mechanical is a very affordable heating and air conditioning company and we do ductwork as well. The owner has been in the industry for the past 40 years.