I ordered a few items online, including 5/8" drywall and 1/4" drywall. The reason I ordered online is because I noticed that there was only 3 units of the 1/4" drywall in stock so I purchased them because I need them as soon as possible. I received an email saying that my order was ready for pick-up. I drove across the city to pick up the order (London location) understanding that it is ready. I knew I had to rent a van so, when I first arrived at the store, I asked if there was a rental van available and if my order was definitely ready. Yes on both. Perfect. I proceeded with renting the van (which took at least 20 min) and drove around to the pick-up area where I as told my order would be. At the contractor desk, I asked where my order was and they told me they were still putting it together. Okay - that is weird because I was notified that my order was ready. It was taking awhile and the time was ticking on my truck rental so I decided to visit the employees putting my order together in the drywall isle. Turns out that there was zero stock of the 1/4" drywall that I already paid for and was told was ready for me to pick-up. Well that sucks. Then I had to go through the painfully long process of returning the van and getting a refund on my order. Over an hour and a half of my evening was now wasted due to this mistake. I work full-time, in addition to that I am renovating my kitchen. I have a tight schedule that I need to stick to and do not have time for this nonsense! I talked to the assistant manager who wasn't very helpful or sympathetic to the situation. I called the London North store and talked to the assistant manager. I explained my experience and suggested that, for my troubles, they should deliver it to my home for free and at minimum pay for the 1/4" drywall that I was told was in stock and wasn't. The best he said he could do is a free rental and 15% off my order and refused to give me anything more than that - he said take it or leave it.

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I have the "older" system and water kept on getting between the liner and the tub. I had a technician come out to fix it 3 times over the course of 3 years. This time the store manager came out the same day that I called in to assess the issue and he will be replacing the old tub with a newer system free of charge.

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Company Response

Hi Andrew, thanks for letting us know about your experience. We're very glad to hear that you were in touch with the local office and they are installing a new tub for you. Please feel free to let us know how things are going, and you can reach our customer service team with questions anytime at