I needed new windows and patio doors for my home and was very afraid of dealing with the wrong company. It was a big investment for me and I needed to make the right decision. I can’t tell you enough how happy sand satisfied I am with choosing MAGIC WINDOW! I not only like the product but I LOVE IT! People are affected by their environment and my windows and doors have made a huge change in my life. Every morning I feel the opening to a new and wonderful day ahead when I wake up. They give me so much pleasure, light and delightful temperature. With the versatility of the different blinds, I’m able to fulfill all my needs at different times and requires circumstances. The team of installers couldn’t have been better. Nema and Milan are the best! Extremely knowledgeable, professional, courteous and helpful. I usually don’t complain if I have a problem with a product or service, I just walk away from them. But I do believe that if someone goes the extra mile and does a good job, that person or company should be praised and complimented…That is why I decided to write this review. I will definitely recommend MAGIC WINDOWS to my friends and everyone I know. They are simply the best! Keep up the good work! Esther Merikanskas Oakvile, ON

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