Ryan and his crew appeared professional when they first showed up on a Friday and I was confident enough to pay them a $250 deposit upfront. They were to start 9am Monday morning but I was not able to reach them until 2pm Tuesday afternoon after repeated calls and messages. An omen of things to come. They used inferior material (paper tape) which did not hold up under stress, not once came when they said they were (never less than two hours late; extending into two days late; leaving me with what they called ‘minor sanding’ which took 1 ½ hours to complete, asking me to prime prematurely (there was so much that needed finishing work, that it became necessary to prime twice, since too much of the walls had to be sanded after priming); not cleaning up after themselves and leaving the floor in such a state that it took 5 hours to clean the plaster from it; and finally, not returning to finish the job (I paid before the job was done because I trusted them to come back to finish), so that I had to hire another contractor to finish the job.

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