I was looking to make a new kitchen in my split level house 4 years ago, and could not find the right contractor (they were booked up, they were pricy, they would make a lot of damage). Four years later, I decided to go ahead with the kitchen renovation, and had five contractors take a look. One contractor quoted a very expensive amount, another contractor kept telling me he wanted to make the kitchen his way, negating everything I wanted, the other contractor had many opinions and told me to subcontract, then he didn't show, and another was incompetent. Meanwhile Emin came with a relaxed demeanour, and listened to what I wanted, to design a compact, custom made white kitchen. He gave me a fair quote within my budget and was timely. He responded very fast to my messages. Even when there was an adjustment to the kitchen, he was flexible, adaptable, and calm about it, as he managed the project and service people. The kitchen turned out beautifully, exactly as I envisioned. Emin is very helpful and attentive, his work is extraordinary. I highly recommend Rostica Inc. for any home related jobs, and renovations, you will be amazed!

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Company Response

Hi Dolce,
Thanks for great review, we are glad to hear this compliments from you. We serve quality work to our customers as our quality policy requirements, so your satisfaction level is our success level. We will be more than happy to assist you for your future projects.


Ben is fast an efficient, the company sends someone on the same day or next day. Ben fixed the drawer in less than 10 minutes. Super fast, and well done. A little pricier but worth the speed and quality.

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I have a few comments about the moving service. 1. The movers came 1 hour late than the appointment time. (I booked for 6pm and they came at 7:07pm) 2. They did not explain the contract clearly, and merely rushed it by saying it is $69/hour plus an additional $69 fee. 3. With two furnitures left to move, the movers held it hostage at the end and demanded 1/2 payment in cash. Kirrill added $30 for gas, decided to charge $100 for tips for two people (on their own decision without consulting us), 13% tax, counted the amount as 4 hours when it was 7pm-10:30pm (3.5 hours). Isn't 7x3.5= $241.5 4. Did not assemble my bed again prior to leaving. This type of service of swindling money off customers, with threats, bad attitudes is totally unprofessional. I am quite unsatisfied that you all ripped $497 out of me, which I kindly paid $500 -- but they rushed out and didn't finish the job -- assembling the bed as you wrote in your email that they will do. 5. Further they took our 2 lightbulbs and we had no light in the room. 6. Also, we helped them move and they dare charge us so much, give a very bad attitude to my superintendent, my friends and my parent. Rudeness is the last thing that we needed on top of all of these hassles!

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Company Response

Hi there,
I am very sorry about your experience. Our company is under new management, and we are working on improving our services for our costumers. We are ready to provide you with a compensating fee of $100 (cash/cheque) that could be mailed to your desired address or picked up from our office location. Please help us provide a better experience for our future costumers, we would highly appreciate it. If you are interested in our offer please feel free to contact us at 416-520-3575 or email us at