AMAZING service and great quality of work! I called their Service Manager (Tyson) after he left a great impression on a quote provided for another project that we (unfortunately) awarded to another company. The roofing quote was very detailed, competitive, and their quality of work and attention to detail were simply fantastic. They provided before and after photos, and great analysis of the work to be completed, including various recommendations I had not considered. Following the work, they followed up to ensure I was satisfied with the timing and quality of work. We were very pleased. To add to our experience, during the winter - we had some frost in the attic (through no fault of their own) and they offered to send out an inspector to help us trace the cause at NO COST. It looks like the issue is related to ventilation and they were able to provide guidance on some quick fixes for us. I couldn't possibly offer a stronger recommendation for EPIC Roofing. You don't need to call them first, but be sure to call them before the work is done. You wont be disappointed.

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Company Response

Hi Kyle. Thank you so much for the glowing review! I will definitely pass along your kind words to Tyson and his team. As our Service Manager, Tyson has carved out a unique space in our industry to serve the public exactly as you have described. He manages a team of highly knowledgeable technicians who work to complete small inspections and repairs. Usually they can find ways to solve potentially large issues with repairs, rather than full replacements.

Thanks again for sharing your experience with myself and the Homestars community!

Kind regards,

Ryan Shantz - Sales Manager, Epic Roofing & Exteriors


WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!! A trained plumber spends 20 minutes punching nonsense into an iPad only to tell you a ten minute job will cost $680 - then they charge you for the quote. I will be contacting the better business bureau now. ***Update following vendor reply: Called them to discuss the experience as recommended and spoke with a lovely dispatcher who appreciated the feedback but was confused by the call and unsure how to respond. In the end I did find a qualified plumber (Imagine Plumbing) that didnt come to my home to play with toys. He got the job done in 10-15 minutes for a little more than the "dispatch fee" charged by this lot, which in fairness they did disclose when I called them - strassing that it was refundable if I went ahead with the work...but who thinks a company will show up MANY hours later only to quote costs that are TEN TIMES what would be considered reasonable. I should have called the police asking if I could charge them with extortion. If you think my feedback is questionable, just read more reviews - this experience is standard for Clearview Plumbing

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Company Response

Hi Kyle,

Thank you so much for bringing your concerns to us. We truly do like to improve on how we do things. I am sorry that you feel the way you do. Can I ask you a question? Would you rather have someone with less experience, who will take longer and possibly add to the problem or have someone with the experience and knowledge, like a trained plumber, to get your issue resolved as quickly as possible? Also, just to correct a misunderstanding, we do not charge for the quote, we charge a travel and dispatch fee, which is always mentioned in the booking process, and we are willing to waive once you decide to go ahead with any work. We would love to be able to help resolve your concerns, so if you would like, please give us a call at 403-216-8439. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


Salesman (Matan) and their installation team were very impressive and their team went above and beyond in almost every respect. Their post sale customer service included several follow up calls and a sincere interest in delivering a positive memorable experience.

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