After moving in we found a long list of problems/ unfinished work with the house. I made a list of what I could see right away before I had to go back to Texas, for my mother, and that list is the one first sent to them when we moved in: Problems with the New house Wenden Arizona city, Arizona. After I got back from Texas in April of 2008, Some time in May I re-sent this letter with those changes made on it along with the new letter. Regarding the house Wenden Arizona City Arizona. And the items list by a neighbor who was an inspector in California. These copies were included with this complaint to the Arizona Registar of Contractors that I have not heard anything back from. So much for their help. 1. We are still having problems with pretty much everything that is on those pages. What few things they have done have been badly or as in the case of the tiles in the house have gone bad again. 2. The tiles that were cracked, that they fixed, I took a picture of the crack in the foundation under the tile that the guy tried to fill the separation in the foundation had to be at least a quarter to a half an inch in width and the length I couldn't tell you as it went from under the carpet next to the tile, under the cracked tiles, and then under a wall to the next room. There are several spots in the dinning room like this. 3. The Butcher block counter top is still not been replaced and that has been a very big issue for us. This house set empty for at least 6 months without any temperature control and as soon as winter came along the wood started separating, this was not our fault and they have refused to replace the counter top even though they know that it happened in many of their other houses according to the company that does there counters as they changed from putting them in ahead of time to now only putting them in only after a place actually sells. 4. The garage has also been a big problem, the leaking at the back door, they still have not even tried to fix and the so called fix at the garage doors has made things even worse. The rain comes in even more now and gets in the channels in the concrete and goes all over the garage and the fix is a hump in the concrete that does not allow water to drain out of the garage once it gets in. 5. The air conditioning unit, air handler in the garage attic and placement of the airflow, are so bad that when the unit comes on it shakes the house. You can feel the butcher block counter top vibrate. The noise level in the living room is horrendous. I suffer from Migraines which have gotten 100 times worse in this house and it is from the excessive noise levels. I don't know if there are codes about the noise levels, if so they need to be checked if not there damn well should be because this house is driving me crazy, literally. 6. The stucco on the house Is cracking vertically in most places and not just a little, on the entire house. There are stops like around the garage back door and it is actually coming off. around the bottom of the walls it does not cover completely if at all in most spots and the metal framing is bent down and not attached well. For a so called stucco company, this guy did the worst stucco job I have ever seen in my entire life. 7. The attic is filled with dirt; the insulation is covered in dirt. Or I guess he would say DUST, but at those amounts, dust is an understatement. I have been in my fathers’ attic in Glendale of his 50 year old home and there is no dust in his. 8. The toilets have not flushed right since we got here. One flush does not get rid of everything; one flush doesn't always even flush. Also the bathroom sinks do not drain well. 9. The stove/oven is not secured properly so that it will not fall forward. Neither was the Dishwasher that came loose, stopped working and I had to fix is already and level it which they did not and what was causing all of the problems that I had been having with it. As I said, there is a long list of a very badly built house, a house that was not finished as you would expect a house to be.

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