When our old boiler was deemed unsafe it created a domino effect of really complicated decisions to make the replacement. Knowing absolutely nothing about boilers (which it turns out are way more complicated then furnaces). I ended up speaking to many heating specialists over a two-month period. The advice we received varied to such an extent that our heads were spinning and we felt greatly discouraged. That is until we met Christian from GTA Heating. I can’t say enough good things about Christian’s service. Truly. He has an old fashioned sense of customer service: he’s personable, professional, courteous, and extremely knowledgeable. His consultation perfectly balanced our needs and the different options available in the marketplace. Best of all, unlike some of the slick salesman types that work on commission and who clearly have strong biases towards their preferred brand, Christian spent his time with us weighing all the pros and cons about every brand and manufacturer. He was also incredibly generous with his time, he always returned my calls and patiently consulted with me through each stage of the decision making process. When you hire a trade’s person, you are investing in the person just as much as the product. Christian and GTA are a really great investment!

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