Mario told us he didn't use limestone as he puts down 2.5 inches of asphalt. The drive wasn't graded down enough and he was told under no circumstances to pave until we saw the graded was fixed. Came home the following day, the job was complete. He claims they fixed the grading, but why not show us prior to paving?? It is full of gravel that comes off in bits and we don't think it will make it to next year..there is already an indent that collects water and doesn't drain. Mario claims we have the year warranty, but after ready reviews, it doesn't seem like he cares about warranty. The city did the water pipelines and their services were offered due to the city having to repair parts of the drive, which is why we trusted them and didn't look into reviews. There were other issues with the company as well that is too detailed to go into

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They were very good. Cleaned what I asked them to do and took out the trash they made.....even let my cat out of the basement when they were done. Only con was they arrived early and walked into my daughters room without knocking and she was still in bed. Gave them both a shock :(

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I was very impressed with On-Site Cleaning. They came to my home just yesterday. I was a little anxious about them as I had read bad reviews, but I have to say how very very impressed I was with the lady that cleaned my house. I only wanted bathrooms and the kitchen floor washed/waxed and my oven and she went ahead and cleaned and vacumned my livingroom/dining room as well along with wiping down kitchen appliances...I walked in after work, and it smelled SO fresh and clean. Thanks again On-stie for a wonderful job. Well done.!!

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