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Erika and Jessica are simply wonderful. They are professional, organized and detail-oriented. The work was done in a timely and cost-effective fashion, and my real estate agent commented that she had rarely seen such excellent work. We were thrilled and I would not hesitate to recommend Fia Interiors to everyone.

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The movers were disorganized and took long breaks although I was paying on an hourly basis. After the fact, I realized the movers had damaged 2 of my items. When this was brought to their attention they accused me of damaging the items myself, which was completely absurd given that they had nominal value. I will never use this company and have warned others not to do so.

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After having entered into a written contract, Top Drawer refused to attend at my house to perform eavestrough repairs. Top Drawer misrepresented to me for over 2 months and kept insisting they would attend to perform the repairs. Finally, they admitted they never intended on performing the contract. Even after I filed a Better Business Bureau complaint, the work was never performed with absolutely no explanation.

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