They came in to stump grind approximately 250 feet of cedar hedging that I had removed by another company, they did not remove all of their debris such as branches excess root material and all of the cedar root debris that causes a lot of acid to my area that I want to change into grass, The whole area was just left with large amounts of debris and trenches to be filled in and all of the cedar debris to be disposed of. The areas where I had trees taken down, they ground the stumps, but because they did not rake out the areas around, there was still roots everywhere, and huge clumps of soil just left mixed in with the tree stump debris. To me clean up means clean up, everything taken away , since the trees, branches and everything else was already done, I should not have to clean up the debris of the stumps that were ground

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Company Response

In response to the Shirley Lupton review.
My name is Cam I'm the owner of TREECLIMBERS.
The grinding of the cedar hedge and stumps was contracted to my company. There was approx. 183' of hedge and four deciduous tree stumps to be ground. The contract plainly and clearly states that all debris will be left as we were not hired to remove the stumps just grind them. As far as removing branches - there are no branches on stumps so therefore nothing to remove and as stated earlier we were not hired to remove any debris and customer is very aware of this.
There were no trenches left open as when we grind stumps they get filled in by they stump mulch that is being made ie: we grind stumps into pieces right at location of stump(s) all mulch stays in approx. location of stump. This is done for safety reasons because the law states you are not allowed to leave uncovered holes or trenches. So we leave mulch instead of holes/trenches
The customer also left a yellow extension cord buried around some stumps. This cord was wound up by my grinder. The result was the cord ripped out some of his soffit as the cord was run up the wall behind the eaves trough and into his soffit for some reason.
When I informed the client what had happened he told me that he knew about cord and it didn't matter. After waiting an hour and half for client to get home. I was informed that I had done a wonderful job and he was happy except for the sofitt that had been damaged by his buried extension cord that "legally was not supposed to be there due to ESA standards"
After discussing the matter with him I decided to have the tradesman come in and fix the soffit at an expense of over $300.00 which I paid for. This did not have to be done by TREECLIMBERS due to the fact the the wire should not have been there and again I refer to the ESA standard.
When I quoted the job it was worth $2090.00 because they were mostly cedar stumps (easier to grind) I dropped the price to $1350.00
Upon calling ESA and Labor board they informed me that if I gave them an address they would come out and check what had happened. I chose not to due this because I was informed that the owner could get in trouble for the cord being buried and reckless endangerment of life due to electric shock. My intent was to inform myself of codes not get the owner in trouble.
The job done for these people was done professionally and quickly there were no surprises as the man was informed of what was about to take place including the state of which the property was going to be left in.
At TREECLIMBERS we strive to due above professional work and always due so.
Owner of Treeclimbers.
PS. The owner told me when I did the estimate that the company before had "screwed him over" and that's why he had call TREECLIMBERS in. I think maybe that sometimes there is a communication gap between the man that hired us and the woman telling him what he was supposed to hire us for. Treeclimbers always does what they are hired for.
I hope this side of the story helps, as I have said before we are and do professions work.
You all have a great day