We bought a wool runner from a so called pro retailer few weeks ago. They send their guy to do the runners. When he was on the fourth step, I have noticed that the runner was lopsided. The installer said it’s because of the stair case which he was right. After measuring carefully each step we recognized that there is a difference on each tread and on the risers but the estimator lady from the store and the installer should had paid attention to this matter and should warned us before conducting the sale. After numerous phone calls they refunded our money less the installation charges. We called few people without telling them what happened. All of them gave us some figures to done the job. When we called Mark, his first question about the job was “your stair case might not be straight, hence I prefer to provide an onsite estimate” Bingo! So he came in, ensured us that it won’t locked curved. We’re very happy with the result. We’ll definitely refer him to our friends. Thank you again Mark!

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