I've been working, as an interior decorator, with Tatiana on kitchen, office / den, closet and bath renovations (cabinetry, countertops & accesories) and designs for my clients for about 8 years now. I value Tatiana's design collaboration and suggestions, as well as the provision of the end product relatively on time, always on budget, and as great value for price.

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Thanks very much for your strong and kind testimonial. It has been a pleasure working with you over the years and I look forward to more to follow. Take a look at my new website and let me know if you have any suggestions to make it better.


Our gas furnace stopped working in September. We called Arrow. They said a new electrical harness was required and they would order it. When the part was no longer available, they said they would "make" one. Their repairman came out twice and played around with a mass of wires and left them there each time connected to the furnace but not connected. This dragged on, so we finally asked if in fact the furnace was repairable. They said it would probably be better to replace it and quoted on a different model (more costly) of furnace as well as lining the chimney as there was no clay lining (they said after looking). When November and cold weather approached and we froze, we finally called another company who came out, showed us the rust in the furnace and that it should have been red flagged and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES started up again, and showed us the clay liner that in fact was in the chimney. In 3 days they recommended and ordered a new furnace of the same type we had, installed it and also balanced the heat so the house was more comfortable. They said Arrow had left the wires connected to the furnace to ensure that we would not call another company. Arrow was negligent in suggesting that a damaged (red flag-able) gas furnace could be repaired and in attempting to do so.

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The principals of this company, Lyle and John, have way better than average design skills when it comes to making recommendations not only for types and colours of window coverings, but also for fabric selections for more elaborate window dressings. They also make headboards, duvet covers, cushions and pillows so that one can coordinate an entire room or rooms. They might not be the cheapest window covering company in town but the product they provide looks like 10 times what was paid! In addition, they are personable, professional and their client service is great.

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