Godwin Plumbing has always performed exceptionally well when we have needed them for several things in our home. Our problem arose from their salesperson, Jackie, with whom it was our misfortune to have waited on us. We were at their showroom to pick out fixtures for a 1/2 bath remodel. We picked out what we wanted, Jackie said she would order them, we told her we wanted to pay for them, she told us to go ahead and pay the cashier & after waiting in a long line, it seems in her haste to leave for lunch, she failed to write up the order. We then received the wrong sink & faucet as she failed to make the change we noted to her in the showroom. Rich, the plumber, had to make TWO trips to install the sink as she failed to tell us this model required a backerboard PLUS we had to re-tear out a part of the wall and re-plaster an re-paint. Then we had to wait additional time for the stool to be delivered for installation because she forgot to order that as well. What really put sand in the wound, however, was when I wrote a letter to the owner regarding our frustration and Jackie called me whining about she had "three funerals to go to that week and she was very upset." I was stunned. I subsequently learned she is related to the owner. Good luck. As I said, their plumbers and their work are supurb and can't be beat. But as far as buying from their showroom, never again.

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