Called Advantage Plumbing. A previous bad plumber installed a new shower spout 3/4" off center with taps. To fix, you need to remove the fixture entirely, cut & re-solder pipes & re cut a hole in center line with the taps. My first indication something is wrong- they dispatch a guy from Surrey during friday afternoon rush hour- for a job in Maple Ridge- not particularly smart. He arrives late and obviously tired from the rush hour drive. Plumber does not listen to me at all & tries his own way- bending pipe out of 90 degree plane with the taps. Does not fix the problem at all. I show him what needs to be done- again doesnt listen. Has no rubber faced pliers so damages $300 new plumbing fixtures with scratches & dents. Uses pliers on a hand held plastic shower wand and breaks that too (meant for hand-tightening only). Answers his cell phone 4 times during the job for what are obviously personal calls. Finally says 'I dont have time for this, I have people coming over tonite' and just leaves the job. No apologies- nothing. No follow up call as to why he left and if they ever intend to send someone else. Appears Advantage Plumbing is just a poorly operated franchise willing to give their name to any unprofessional hack who wants to give plumbing a try. Avoid advantage plumbing at all costs.

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