We went in to the store for advice for a water softener. We came out with so much knowledge about different kinds of softeners and what was best for us and our needs. they have alot of sales people. Some are really good, some are not as knowledgeable as some.They also have plenty of choices to choose from and a chef cooking in the store showing their appliances. We chose Kinetico for our softener and have not regretted it. Our sales person provided great advice and would recommend doing research there first and compare.

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Ken is the owner of King's Stone. He brought us to a granite warehouse that had a large variety of granite available to choose from. He was very patience with us and gave suggestions on how to match with our cabinets. He went through the details of costs with care. He gave us plenty of choices. during the installation, he came by to measure and was very accurate in his measurements. His staff came by to install it and was very professional and cleaned up after themselves.

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Husband and wife team. Passionate and has a great heart. Hung has great pride in his work and we loved that he took the time to plan it out and gives out suggestions. He can be slower than other companies but its staffing. Slow and steady wins the race. Better than getting sloppy floors by someone who does it too fast. We love the results and also love that our friends and family still is wowed with our floors. He also left my place very very clean.

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