Hired Euroshine for a 'move-in' cleaning service of my new house. I was quoted it would take approximately 2.5/3 hrs for 2 people for a 2-story 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom house. While I'm sure they did their best, we weren't overly impressed. Many areas throughout the house such as: window sills, floors, windows, kitchen counters/cupboards and the only appliance requiring cleaning (refrigerator) didn't appear to have been cleaned well if at all. At least not to our standard. The house was completely vacant and I emphasized that the floors and windows should be prioritized yet dust was found in a lot of corners, stairs and many windows had very visible smears/streaks as though a dirty rag had been used. Lastly, email communication with Krisi would often lapse many days due to being "very busy" and/or on vacation. Won't be using them again.

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We take criticism constructively and appreciate all clients' feedback. We managed to book a spot for Savannah a month in advance during our busiest time of the year, and e-mailed her back 2 weeks in advance to confirm the time. While we received a different impression from our conversation with Savannah after the cleaning, our 100% customer service guarantee program guarantees that we can return for touch-ups and finishes should a customer be dissatisfied. Unfortunately, Savannah never asked to have us back. It is always pleasant to know that some customers hire contractors in order to save time for writing terrible reviews afterwords, a month after the service..

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Very pleased with the windows and doors. Sales rep was difficult to communicate with. Also, he failed to tell us about options we had for casings which led to a last minute change, additional costs and delays. Installers would call it a day before 3pm and needed an extra day to complete the entire job despite being guaranteed completion by a certain date.

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Really impressed with how Daniel and his crew were able to get our project completed on time under less than ideal scheduling circumstances. He was able to accommodate last minute changes and when we decided mid-job to get all new baseboard trim replaced, his other business (Right Angle Renos-?) and Matt's crew, had it done in a day. Priced slightly higher than others we contacted for bids, and Daniel can take a while returning a call or email, but I would recommend to a friend in a second.

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