I would like to share how valuable Peter’s guidance has been in our renovation project. We have an older row home built in the late 1800s. The house had many issues that needed to be addressed, it was a small space, and we needed more room for our growing family, it is built at-grade with foundation issues, and in need of a complete update and overhaul. Peter’s knowledge and experience with the structural aspects of what needed to be done and his expert design skills were invaluable throughout the design of our project. He guided us through a process that we were completely unfamiliar with. This included first deciding on a new layout for our home and the different option available, towards guiding us through the more technical aspects of what we needed including HVAC, and ultimately to the permit stage where he provided us with very detailed drawings. He is extremely responsive and offered help, guidance, and advice throughout the time we worked together. He is also a really nice guy! We would strongly recommend Peter as an expert architect for your project.

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