Service started off great, until we actually ran into a problem. Now we can't get a returned call or email. We had roller blinds installed in June. Some from top mount, some from bottom mount - we were told by Sonya that we could have the bottom mount blinds switched back at no cost if we wanted to...I reached out asking for them to be switched. Days later I finally got a cryptic reply. Multiple email exchanges still did not result in a resolution. It's impossible to get a hold of her, she takes days to respond to email, the latest...we're told that it'll cost us over $360 to replace the chain, that they'll have to send them back to the manufacturer and we have to pay to reinstall. To add insult to injury, I still wanted to proceed with the switch, but multiple attempts to reach Sonya resulted, once again in ignored emails and phone calls. Take your business somewhere else.

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